1. Meet with critical decision makers
  2. We gain an understanding of the ideal traits for the new hire as well as the key responsibilities of the position. At the same time, we’ll set expectations for what to expect from the process and create a reasonable hiring timeline.

  3. Develop a candidate profile based on your position description
  4. Having an objective scorecard to compare candidates will enable your team to make a sound decision based upon carefully defined criteria and provide a reliable basis for evaluation.

  5. Perform an extensive search for qualified candidates
  6. We utilize a wide range of sources to develop an appropriate pool of potential candidates for your position. We start with our extensive internal database developed over 30+ years and supplement it with our targeted recruiting efforts, referral sources, online research and when appropriate, our national network of affiliates.

  7. Execute the matching/screening process
  8. We meet each candidate, carefully assess the components of what makes a good match and share our analysis with you. This insures a cohesive process that produces a pool of qualified and interested candidates.

  9. Coordinate interviews and reference checks
  10. We handle all of the logistics during the recruitment process. After you meet each candidate we discuss your impressions and refine the search appropriately. We will partner with you to decide the best approach to the reference checking process once the finalist(s) has been identified.

  11. Help with separation from current employer and transition planning
  12. We help counsel chosen candidates through possible counteroffers and how to gracefully exit an organization. There’s more to do beyond the final paperwork….we stay connected with you and your new hire to ensure a smooth and effective transition. We’re invested in your success and interested in a long term relationship!